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LinkedIn Resume Assistant for Word 2016

Microsoft’s investment in LinkedIn now has a result for Office users with the release of a Resume Assistant for Word 2016.

Before we go into details, keep in mind that Resume Assistant is only available for a few Office users at the moment.  Not even all Office 2016 Fast Insiders can now access Resume Assistant.  Eventually, all Office 2016 for Windows with Office 365 users will get it.  No mention of Office for Mac.

Resume Assistant links information from LinkedIn to be added to your resume document in Word.

All images in this article are from Microsoft because our Office 2016 Fast Insiders has yet to be blessed with Resume Assistant!  We’ve zoomed in to pane detail to give you a better idea of what Resume Assistant is capable of.

Describing your job

Figuring out how to describe your job and what you do can be hard.  Sometimes obvious things are easily overlooked.

Choose an industry and role then the Resume Assistant will grab examples of how other people have described their job and tasks.


Listing your skills can also be surprisingly difficult.  There are your qualifications but also the abilities you pick up as you work.  Resume Assistant’s skills list has suggestions to add in your job.

Find Jobs

LinkedIn boasts over 11 million active job openings.  See ones that apply to your area and job directly in the Resume Assistant.

Even if those jobs don’t appeal, you can see what skills are desired (and how they are described) so you can change your resume to match employers expectations.

LinkedIn’s Open Candidates feature can be enabled from the Resume Assistant.  That signals recruiters that you’re in the market for a new job.

Naturally, there are links to other parts of LinkedIn.

Resume Assistant is English only at this stage. It will be available first in AustraliaBrazilCanadaChinaFranceGermanyIndiaIrelandJapanSingaporeSouth Africa, Spain, New ZealandUnited, Kingdom, and United States of America.

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