What? Office Fast Ring catches up with Slow Ring

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The latest ‘Fast Ring’ Insiders update to Office for Windows restores the correct versioning between the Fast and Slow Ring ‘Insiders’ releases.

Normally, the latest changes and new features appear in the Fast Ring release. After the bugs have been discovered by the fearless Fast Ring testers, an update goes out to the ‘Slow Ring’.  Slow Ring is still a trial release.

You’d expect that the Fast Ring build number will be higher or the same as Slow Ring.  But that’s not what happened in May 2017.

The Slow Ring version was ahead of the Fast Ring release  ¿Que?

Microsoft now admits there was a problem with the Fast Ring builds that prevent them going to Insiders.  Fast Ring was ‘stuck’ on build 8117.nnnn

Slow Ring builds were OK so they happily moved ahead to build 8201.2025.

As we type this, the Fast Ring has caught up to build 8201.2025 and presumably will ‘beat’ Slow Ring again in future.

What’s in the Insiders Fast/Slow build 8201?

Here’s a summary of the additions to Office 2016 for Windows build 8201, using Microsoft’s phrasing (mostly)


Keep the copy with a comma

Copy your cells and , (press the comma key)  before you paste, you can still do other tasks like typing or inserting cells.

Enhanced data import functionality

Easily import and shape data from various sources. Manage workbook queries and connection with the Queries & Connection side pane, and share queries with others via ODC files.

New data transformation: Add Column From Examples

In the Query Editor, create a new column by providing sample values. As you type, Excel detects the required transformations and shows a preview of the new column.


Closed captions for video

Add closed captions to a video to make it accessible.


Attachment Options

When attaching files to an email, you can more easily select whether to add it as a cloud file or as a traditional attachment.

Quickly access the groups you use the most

Groups you’re most likely to interact with now appear at the top of the list.

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