Drag and Drop comes to Outlook for Mac

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The ability to make a new Outlook item from an existing one by drag and drop is, finally, coming to Outlook for Mac.

This feature lets you drag an email to the calendar or tasks folder, Outlook will make a new appointment or task using the email as a basis. Microsoft has been demonstrating

Outlook for Mac - drag and drop - per Microsoft

Source: Microsoft, converted by Office-Watch.com to animated GIF

The feature is now available in Outlook 2016 for Mac with the Slow Insiders version 15.34 (170515).

Long wait for Mac users

Like Read and Delivery Receipts, Outlook’s drag and drop feature has been in the Windows release for a long, long time.

Call us cynical, but we wonder how many people actually use drag and drop to make Outlook items?  It looks great in Microsoft’s product demos but we’ve never seen anyone use it in the real world.

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