Signal 'gets' Office documents and PDF - at last!

At last the cries of eager Signal supporters have been heard – the latest releases allow secure transfer of Office documents, PDF and more.

Signal is a well-respected, very secure and private messaging system.  The makers of Signal licence their open-source encryption to other messengers like Google, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Even better, Signal deliberately retains almost no information about their customers.  They have no logs of messages exchanged and nothing about the users themselves.  A 2016 subpoena for all information about a user yielded only two bits of information from Signal:  the date the account was created and the last time the user logged in.  That’s it.

That makes Signal the best choice for anyone wanting to communicate privately with a very low risk of governmental or legal snooping.

All file transfers

Now you can transfer ANY file via Signal.  There’s no restriction on file types.  Office documents ( .docx .xlsx .pptx plus the older file types) and PDF’s will work.

Source: Whisper Systems

There is no limit on file size, as far as we’re aware.  It seems even that big PowerPoint deck can move around with Signal.

In Settings | Chats and Media there are options to transfers files by type depending on the connection; mobile, Wifi or roaming.

Until now, Signal had very limited file transfer support which was the only reason, as Microsoft Office geeks, could not recommend it.  We’re interested in ways to securely transfer Office documents plus PDF’s.