Dubai font, free for everyone

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Last week, Microsoft released the Dubai font to their Office 365 customers only.  Now the city-state of Dubai has released it to everyone.

Dubai is a new font which has both western and Arabic characters in the one package.  It was created by the Dubai government with assistance from Microsoft.

You have to hand it to Microsoft marketing.  Their announcement last week made it seem that the Dubai font was only for Office 365 customers (that was the implication). Now the Dubai government releases it to everyone.  Clever PR all round.

Why install the Dubai font?

Even if you don’t intend to use the font, people who send you emails or documents might use the Dubai font.  Office will try to match the incoming font name to a similar font on your computer, with mixed success.  Better to have this new and widespread font ready for any email or document that wants it.


From you can download the font for Windows, Mac, Android, Adobe and web formats.

You’re asked for a name and email address before the download link is given.  There’s no verification done so any name/email address will do (eg J Giant / [email protected] )

Scroll down to see a preview of the font weights:

dubai font free for everyone 13447 - Dubai font, free for everyone

If you have Microsoft Office (Windows or Mac) linked to an Office 365 subscription then the full set of Dubai fonts have (or will be) installed automatically

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