The mistake in Microsoft’s ‘common grammar mistake’ list

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As a publicity stunt, Microsoft published a list of common grammar mistakes made in Word.

It’s strange that one of the listed mistakes is NOT detected even by the latest version of Microsoft Word. noticed this curiosity because we tested all Microsoft’s claims against their own Word software. We didn’t just copy the press release.

The ‘missing comma’ in a sentence is a common problem, so why did Microsoft put this example in their press release?

Not a blue line to be seen and the screenshot above is from the very latest (fast track) Word 2016 for Windows with the new, improved grammar check (aka Editor).

It’s the same in other versions like Word 2010 for Windows

According to Microsoft, the sentence should have a comma:


Which is correct, but Word doesn’t detect the mistake!


It’s error that only human proof reading can fix.  A good example of why Word’s grammar checker is useful but no replacement for reading.

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