14 perfect pumpkin colors and more in Microsoft Office

Our exclusive Pumpkin Color Charts have the perfect ‘pumpkin’ colors you can use in Halloween documents, slides and graphics with their Microsoft Office compatible color codes including the five Pantone colors called ‘Pumpkin’.

There are many Halloween ‘pumpkin’ colors to choose from depending on the variety and ripeness of virtual vegetable you want.

In Office the color selector is the same for all needs; fonts, shapes, images etc.  To use one of our colors go to Colors | Custom and type in either the Hex code (Office 365, 2021, LTSC) or RBG( all other Office versions).

Use the Lightness or Luminance vertical slider to adjust the color either darker or brighter than the base settings. In some Microsoft 365 color selectors there’s also a Transparency option at bottom. The RGB and Hex settings will change accordingly.

Pumpkin color chart

Five Pantone Pumpkin colors for Office

Pantone has four different colors called ‘Pumpkin’ in their TPX color range plus there’s one color that’s informally called ‘Pumpkin’ in their main C range. 

The five Pantone pumpkin colors from left; Pumpkin C, Pumpkin TPX, Harvest Pumpkin, Pureed Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spice.

Here’s all five with their Hex and RBG codes for the Office color picker.

Pumpkin ‘C’

Pantone 158 C 

#E87722  rgb(232, 119, 34)

Pumpkin ‘ TPX’

Pantone 14-1139 TPX

 #FAA669  rgb(250, 166, 105)

Harvest Pumpkin

Pantone 16-1260 TPX

 #D26537  rgb(210, 101, 55)

Pureed Pumpkin

Pantone 17-1449 TPX

 #C54C34  rgb(197, 76, 52)

Pumpkin Spice

Pantone 18-1163 TPX

 #A05C17 rgb(160, 92, 23)

Pumpkin icons

As well as the color swatches we’ve included examples using the four pumpkin icons only available in Office 365 either outline or filled in.

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