How Microsoft tricks you buying Office 365 with Surface devices

We’ve said for a long time that buying direct from Microsoft is the most expensive way to buy their hardware or software.  Redmond has found another way to trick more money from customers buying a Surface product.

When you choose a Surface Go from the Microsoft Store, Microsoft adds TWO products to your online shopping cart; the device you selected plus the most expensive way to buy Office 365 Home.

The Office 365 Home purchase is added automatically, not at the customers request.

Microsoft not only adds Office 365 Home to the cart, they add the most expensive way to buy it.  Monthly Office 365 Home costs US$9.99 plus tax, a total of $119.88 for a year compared to $99.99 for a year or even cheaper if you shop around.

This addition to the cart is even more outrageous because the Surface Go comes with a month of Office 365 Home.  That benefit is wiped out if you fall for Microsoft’s trick and pay for Office 365 Home right away.

We noticed this trick when checking prices and options for the Surface Go.

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