Compulsory MS Office training for North Carolina lawyers

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The North Carolina State Bar is proposing attorneys get an hour of computer training, including Microsoft Office, as part of their annual Continuing Legal Education (CLE).

Only one US State, Florida, has a computer component of their current CLE.  Amazing!  In Florida, lawyers have to get three hours of technical training every three years.  That’s about a tenth of their total CLE requirement.

“I find that lawyers often don’t know how to effectively and efficiently use basic law practice technology,” like Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel, he said. “As a result, they end up wasting a lot of their time and their clients’ money.” Andrew M. Perlman, dean of Suffolk University School of Law in Boston, told Bloomberg Law.

You’d have to hope that an hour a year isn’t the only computer training lawyers receive.  Keeping up with social media, basic security and encryption, cloud storage and more takes more than 60 minutes a year.

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