Excel image to worksheet comes to iPhone and iPad

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Excel 365’s new ‘Data from Picture’ feature is now available for iPhone and iPad. It converts a photo into a spreadsheet grid you can work from.

We told you about ‘Data from Picture’ back in March when it became available in Excel for Android.

Data from Picture is on the Insert tab between Table and Photos.

excel image to worksheet comes to iphone and ipad office 365 28246 - Excel image to worksheet comes to iPhone and iPad

On Android phones and iPhones, look for the menu icon:

convert photo to worksheet with new excel feature office 365 26750 - Excel image to worksheet comes to iPhone and iPad

How well duzzit work?

Data from Picture is a cloud service and has improved since we first tried it some months ago.

The conversion works tolerably well but the system still has trouble distinguishing text with spaces from text in different cells. Even when there are grid lines to follow (i.e. a printout of an Excel worksheet), Data from Picture still returns split cells.

As a last resort alternative to typing a document into a worksheet it’s worth trying.  You might find the time spent fixing Data from Picture errors more annoying than retyping the entire thing.

See Excel Data from Picture, making it work in the real world where Office-Watch.com shows how Data from Picture works .

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