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Get Microsoft Office ready for Catalina, the next macOS

While most Office users have nothing to worry about, there are big changes in the next macOS codenamed Catalina.

macOS v10.15 Catalina is out now for Mac computers and represents a major change.

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Catalina = 64-bit programs only

For the first time, macOS Catalina will only work with 64-bit programs.

That’s not a problem for most people because Apple and developers have been working towards this for years.  All modern Mac applications are 64-bit and have been for some time.

Source: Apple

Office for Mac and Catalina

The latest or recent versions of Office for Mac are ready for Catalina (ie 64-bit):

  • Office 365 for Mac (fully updated)
  • Office 2019 for Mac

Office 2016 for Mac after v15.35 is also OK for Catalina. After v15.35, Office 2016 for Mac is 64-bit only.  If you’ve been updating Mac Office 2016 regularly, you’ll be OK.

Office 2011 for Mac will NOT work because it’s only 32-bit. Also support for Office 2011 ended in October 2017 so it’s really past time for a switch to either Office 365 or Office 2019 for Mac.

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