New 2019 Emoji in Word and Outlook

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Many new emoji are now in the official Unicode list but we’ll have to wait for them to appear in Word or Outlook emails.

After the Unicode Consortium ratifies additions to the vast character list, it takes some time for Microsoft, Apple and others to add the emoji to their fonts.  The 2019 Emoji list is officially called Emoji 12.0

The new emoji include many for disabled people, deaf, blind, wheelchair etc.  Like other modern emoji, they come in a variety of skin tones.

new 2019 emoji in word and outlook microsoft office 26076 - New 2019 Emoji in Word and Outlook

Divers finally get an emoji U+1F93F, drop of blood U+1FA78 and even ‘tighty whitey’ mens underpants U+1FA72.

new 2019 emoji in word and outlook microsoft office 26077 - New 2019 Emoji in Word and Outlook

Source: Emojipedia

The emoji that appear in Windows, Apple and other devices will look slightly different.

Where are emoji in Office?

Emoji in Windows and Office are in two main fonts – Segoe UI Emoji and Segoe UI Symbol.

Segoe UI Emoji has emoji that appear in color only in Outlook emails. In Word, Excel or PowerPoint, so far, they are only in monochrome.

Sometime, Microsoft will quietly update Segoe UI Emoji to include the new Unicode symbols.  It will happen with uncharacteristic lack of hype.  In the past, updated fonts have been bundled into a Windows Update with just a vague reference to ‘improvements’ with no specifics.


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