Now Word wants to Rewrite your sentences

The upcoming Rewrite feature in Word will offer alternative phrases or wording for your sentences.

Rewrite is another cloud based feature so anything selected for Rewrite is sent to Microsoft.

The feature is supposed to be in Office 365 for Windows Insiders build 1908 (11901.20018), English only but hasn’t appeared even in build 1909.  No explanation from Microsoft.  Half of Monthly Channel (Targeted) users are also supposed to get the Rewrite trial.  Eventually Office 365 public releases will get this feature.

If and when Rewrite appears, here’s how it’s supposed to work.

Select a phrase like ‘continually expanding’ and right-click.  Among the many options is ‘Rewrite’.

Source: Microsoft

That opens the Rewrite pane with alternatives (ever-expanding, ever-growing, constantly expanding).  Click on each to replace your selection.

Read Aloud options

Under each alternative are some read aloud options plus a feedback link.

Source: Microsoft

Read Aloud – speaks the alternative phrase

Read Sentence with Change – speaks the whole sentence (not just selection) including the alternative phrase.

Read Sentence without Change – speaks the whole sentence (not just selection) as it currently stands.


Report this suggestion – lets users prompt Microsoft if there’s a problem with a rewrite alternative.