Word does Brexit, Prorogue but not Remoaner

Microsoft Word’s dictionary is updated more regularly, especially for Office 365 customers.  A good example of that is the addition of Brexit related words.

We typed into Word various words that the people of the UK are too familiar with, just to see what’s in the Microsoft dictionary.

The same results in Word 365 for Windows and Mac using English US or UK language dictionaries.

No surprise that ‘Brexit’ is in Word’s dictionary, the word has been around for about 4 years.  It was derived from ‘Grexit’ (also in Word) coined when Greece was thought likely to leave the EU (i.e. Greece Exit).

A little more surprising that ‘Brexiteer’ and ‘Remainer’ are also included.


‘Remoaner’ is the derisive nickname for people opposed to Brexit.


British people have heard little but the term ‘Prorogue’ in the last day.  Prorogue is a constitutional term meaning to delay or defer.  You could ‘Prorogue lunch until 3pm’ but few would know what you mean.

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