Teams has overtaken Slack, according to Microsoft

Microsoft Teams is claiming a numerical victory over it’s rival, claiming that their Teams collaboration service has more users than the rival..

Teams daily has 13 million users and to 19 million users over a week, according to Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft

That’s a unaudited and self-serving figure.  Microsoft ‘has form’ in releasing boastful figures whether they make sense or not.

There’s no doubt that Teams is taking a big bite out of the market leader and innovator, Slack. It should with the almighty push Teams is getting from Office and Office 365 hosting.  Few Office users, especially corporate customers, could be unaware of Teams.

Teams is effectively free for Office 365 enterprise customers and tightly integrated into Office software.  Anyone can use Teams, encouraging use by small businesses, clubs and even families.

Teams web page interface

Teams pushed to more Office 365 users

The desktop Teams app is being pushed out to more Office 365 customers.

Earlier this year, new Office 365 customers started getting the Teams program as part of their setup of Office.

Now, existing Office 365 ProPlus users will get Teams with their next major update.

Office for Mac and Office 2019 users won’t get Teams pushed to them.

Installing Teams

You don’t need to wait for Microsoft to shove the Teams program or app to you.  Download versions for Windows, Mac, Apple iOS and Android.


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