Why bother with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams truly is for everyone, now there’s a free plan available.  Of course it’s aimed at businesses, ‘coz that’s where the money is.  But with Teams now available free it’s open for small business and non-business uses.

Small business

Small or even tiny business can use Microsoft Teams for specific projects like a new product or even ongoing tasks like planning shift work or vacations.

Non-business uses

Any time two or more people want to get together online for a project, Teams is a possibility.

Friends, family, sporting teams or groups can all use Teams as a central point for information, discussions and planning.

Planning a vacation/holiday can be done with Teams. All the discussion, information, budget calculations etc can be combined into documents, worksheets and chats within a Team or channel.

Any club could use Teams to let members discuss plans and get information.  Separate teams for sub-groups like the managing Board, special interest groups etc.

Sure, there’ll be some resistance, but MS Teams has the advantage of using Word, Excel and PowerPoint which most people are familiar with.

Improve your job prospects

Employers do or will expect familiarity with Microsoft Teams or Slack.  Not necessarily in-depth or admin tasks, but at least being able to work in Channels, add and collaborate with documents, use the Teams apps etc.

Saying that you’ve used (or better, managed) Microsoft Teams can’t hurt your job prospects.