Word for Android reaches a real billion milestone

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Microsoft Word for Android has reached a billion installs. That’s a real Billion not a Microsoft hype billion. It’s even more impressive than it seems.

The billion number is counted by Google on Google Play.

word for android reaches a real billion milestone microsoft office 29613 - Word for Android reaches a real billion milestone

Microsoft loves quoting high numbers especially ‘Billion’ even when it makes little sense.  But this is different.

The statistic comes from Google which isn’t just an external source but a direct rival.

The billion counts downloads/installs from Google, it does not include the millions of new devices from Huawei and Samsung that have Word and Office pre-installed.

On the other hand, reinstallations are counted but that’s probably not a significant factor.

It’s a great milestone for Microsoft.  Their strategy of trying to take over mobile devices (especially Android) will be a lot easier with one of their primary products.  Word is just one of almost 80 Android apps Microsoft has published.

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