New Window 10 update fixes Office 2010 bug

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A new Windows 10 (October 2018) patch fixes a bug with Office 2010 and updates Brazil time zone data used by Outlook.

The patch KB4505658 fixes a long list of Windows 10 v1809 bug fixes.  Sorry, they aren’t bug fixes, the euphemism is ‘quality improvements’.

Two changes stuck out for us.

Save and Save As in Office 2010

“Addresses an issue that prevents the Save and Save As options in Microsoft Office 2010 applications from working when high contrast mode is on. “

That’s a curious combination, to say the least.  It shows how complex and interconnected Windows and Office are when a display change in Windows can stop basic functions in Office.

Brazil Time Zone change

The update also changes the time zone data for Brazil.

Microsoft Outlook picks up it’s time zone data from Windows.

Microsoft doesn’t give any details but presumably it’s related to Daylight Savings.  In 2019, Brazil will not be switching to DST in November as some regions have in the past. The policy for 2020 is still unclear.

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