Check out Outlook’s “Smart” Replies to literary and movie classics

We’ve tried out famous and classic lines on Microsoft suggested reply feature. Inspired by The New Yorker’s tests with Gmail.

In Google Smart Reply, Literary Critic, Bruce Handy checks out the Smart Reply suggestions from Gmail to lines like this from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18.

Microsoft 365 hosted Exchange Server has a similar ‘suggestions’ feature which is supposed to offer useful replies.

Here’s some more Microsoft suggestions, though not all get responses.

The first sentence of Moby Dick gets no response from Microsoft, compared to Gmail’s choices …. OK, I will, What’s wrong or Thanks, I will.

No suggested reply to Obi Wan Kenobi either …

The first sentence of Anna Karenina gets no suggested replies from Microsoft’s system (Gmail offers So true!, I agree with you or Love it!).  Shorten to the first phrase and there are Redmond proposed replies.

Vale Sean Connery

As we were testing suggested replies, we heard the sad news of Sean Connery’s passing.

Here are more Microsoft responses to famous lines …

More please!

Try out email suggestions yourself. Send to a Microsoft 365 hosted Exchange or mailbox, English only. Web interface only (not Outlook desktop or app) with Suggested Replies (Settings | Mail).

Send us any strange or funny responses to share

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