India price of Microsoft 365 and other products going up

Microsoft India is raising the price of their commercial and online services from 1 February 2021. The news is out despite a pointless attempt at secrecy by the local subsidiary.

As reported by DQChannels

  • Commercial on-premises software goes up 11%
  • Online services like Microsoft 365 hosting goes up 9%

The price rises apply from 1 February 2021.

There’s an opportunity for customers to buy now, before the prices go up.  Prices are determined by the date of the order.

According to Microsoft India, the price rises are to ‘realign’ with US dollar prices.

Consumer products like Microsoft 365 Family/Personal are NOT affected by the price rise.  At least not yet.

Pointless Secrecy

News of the price rises was sent to sales ‘partners’ in India.

According to reports Microsoft India  “requested its partners not to blog or post this information on their website or social media sites.”

That seems amazingly naïve in the 21st Century.  As if news like this was likely to stay secret when sent out widely.

Aside from human nature, sales outlets have an interest in generating some short-term sales by getting customers to start or extend contracts before prices go up.  Did Microsoft management really think they’d keep quiet when there’s money to be made?

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