Hurry! Half price Microsoft 365 Family in the UK

Argo UK is offering Microsoft 365 Family for just £39.99 saving £40 or half the regular price of £79.99. But there’s no deadline given so we suggest you grab one or more packs asap.


The price has changed to £59.99 which is still a good deal on a 12-month Microsoft 365 Family. £79 is the official price for a 12-month plan so the Argos deal is now good but not as great as it was.

And especially considering that major online retailers aren’t discounting Microsoft 365 as they used to.  Many online retailers try to trap customers into full price automatic renewals but this appears to be a ‘straight up’ Microsoft 365 purchase.

It’s a similar deal to NewEgg in the USA, bundled with some antivirus software that you can just ignore.

The Microsoft 365 Family subscription can be used to extend an existing plan for up to five years. How a savvy Office Watch reader really saved with Office 365

The offer is for:

Microsoft 365 Family (6 users) 12 month subscription

The usual 12 month plan (£79.99) at standard retail/renewal rates.

McAfee for 6 devices – 1 year subscription

Regular Office Watch readers know what we think of these add-on products.  They are largely unnecessary for Windows 10 users who have effective anti-virus and firewall protections in-built.  Packages like this are often included as loss leaders hoping that people will install and allow the ‘auto renewal to charge them.

The offer is a good one, without the antivirus/security package.  Buy the offer and, if you wish, ignore the extra.

You’ll save just £20 on the regular price of Microsoft 365 Family, that’s without any value in the McAfee package.

Make sure there’s no trap to sign on for auto-renewals of the Norton product.

Get the deal

Go to

Renewal or new customers

If you have an existing Microsoft 365 Family (formerly Home) plan, you can extend your subscription by 15 months.  That works no matter how long until your current expiry.

New Microsoft 356 customers will create a subscription.

Deadline and Fine print

There’s no deadline given for this offer, so we suggest grabbing it while available. Argos could withdraw the offer at any time or run out of stock.

It’s appears to be a physical delivery. There’s a delivery fee (usually £3.95) or can be collected from an Argo store for free.

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