Inside Project Moca – Bucket, Notes, File and many more

Inside Project Moca is a collection of many items starting with Bucket then Notes, File, Tasks, Goal, Weather, Location, Person, Email or Calendar items. Here’s how all of them work and their options.


Bucket is a container or ‘drawer organizer’ for one or more items.  It lets you group together multiple items (like Notes, Task, File etc) into a single group.

Buckets are great for organizing a Space logically, for example a quick trip to Hawaii.

Source: Microsoft

Spaces items can be put on the Canvas by themselves or grouped in a Bucket.

Bucket Icons

Click on the dot to the left of the Bucket title to choose from a selection of icons.

What a pity one of the icons isn’t a bucket icon! The Trophy icon (top row) is the closest match.

Moving between Canvas and Buckets

‘Drag and Drop’ is the fast way to move items to and from Buckets.

Also on the options menu is ‘Remove from Bucket’ that will move the item from the Bucket to it’s own place on the Canvas.

Color and Due Date

Any item, including Buckets, can have a color and due date.  Items within a Bucket can have separate colors and due dates to the Bucket itself.  Use the three dots menu to access:


Set Due Date

Due Date

Choose a Due Date from the date picker. Only dates, not times.

Mark as Completed – the item appears as Completed

Remove due date – the due date is deleted, not the item.

To Do

Project Moca items with a Due Date will appear in your Microsoft To Do page/app as a separate List with the Space name.


Notes can be plain or formatted text plus bullet lists with attached images. All Notes are added to the Sticky Notes app.

More than one image can be added.

A long note can be shrunk into a smaller area. Use the Collapse/Expand button at the bottom of the Note item.


Any file you have in OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive or Box can be linked into a Space.  Click on the item to open the document in Office Online.

This part of Project Moca seems underdeveloped. We hope there’s a long internal ‘To Do’ development list for File.

Multiple Files

Multiple files can be added with a Bucket containing many File items

A web link can be added to a Space … ready to click and open in a new browser tab. One link per item.


Task is the ‘Moca’ name for a Microsoft To Do item.  A little confusing that.

To Do and Teams integration

Tasks added in Project Moca are added into To Do and Teams.

Existing To Do items can’t be added or linked into a Space.  Presumably this one-way connection will become a proper two-way Sync in the future.


Goal is a link into the Calendar app.  Any Goal items are saved in the Calendar part of your Microsoft 365 account.


Show the weather for any location.

Choose Temperature unit to switch Fahrenheit / Celsius via an overall account setting.

Type in a location name and Bing Maps will offer suggestions.


Adds a Bing Maps link to a location or address.  Click on the map to open a full page in Bing Maps.

Copy Address – add to the clipboard anything in the address line (the one with the globe icon)

Open Directions – opens Bing’s Directions feature.

A walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge then to the Opera House is a must for any visitor — and it’s totally free!


Anyone in your People / Contacts list can be added as an item.


Email doesn’t appear on the Spaces menu but they can be added to the Canvas.

The fast method is the Activity / Search pane (the magnifying glass icon on right) Drag and Drop an email from there to the Canvas or choose ‘Add to Canvas’.

Open Outlook in a web browser, click on the More … menu next to Reply and Forward options.

Emails added to a Space don’t appear in there right away.  Click on the ‘Frame’ icon at right to see a list of ‘Captures.

The More … menu has options to open the item or Add to canvas. Or drag and drop from the side list to the Canvas.

Event / Appointments

Calendar events or appointments can be added to a Project Moca space. 

Right-click in Outlook web Calendar item and choose Add to Project Moca.

Just like Emails, calendar items go into the Captures list.

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