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Why people prefer Google over Microsoft's Bing

Just one example of why people use Google’s tools over Microsoft’s Bing. It’s a little thing but an example of Microsoft’s wider problem with Bing.

While exploring Project Moca, we tested the Location object that uses Bing Maps. Stupidly we typed ‘London’ thinking Bing would show one of the world’s major and most famous cities … but we didn’t allow for Bing stupidity.

Something is horribly wrong if a user types ‘London’ and one of the world’s most famous cities isn’t in the top five results!  We had to add ‘ , UK’ to get Peter’s favourite city <g>.

The ‘Londonderry’ options are also strange because they don’t include the main and original Londonderry in Northern Ireland.

Bing Maps still needs a lot of work even after years of development.

Yes, it’s time for my medication <g>.

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