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Microsoft Word - the song and video

It was only a matter of time before someone became so bored in the lockdown that they made a song about Microsoft Word.

Ghetts, a British ‘rapper‘ (translation: singer/songwriter in the modern styling) has ‘dropped‘ (released) a song and video entitled ‘Microsoft Word’.

As a boring white man in his sixties, the song is beyond me.  There are two mentions of ‘Microsoft Word’ but otherwise the lyrics are mostly unintelligible.  It was somewhat reassuring that younger and more knowledgable ears were equally mystified about the content or the link with Word.
Update: there are lyrics, though you may be none the wiser for reading them.

We’re reliably informed that ‘creps‘ are trainers or sneakers.

I suppose we can be grateful it’s not another release of Word Clippy porn.

Thanks to Chris L. for his knowledge of ‘modern beat combos’ and translation skills <g>.

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