Office 2010 updates are still available, here’s how

0Patch is stepping in where Microsoft has left by offering continued security updates for Office 2010 after official support was dropped a few months ago.

Newly discovered high risk security bugs in Office 2010 will get micropatches from 0Patch. These unofficial updates change the existing program files to prevent the new security lapses troubling your computer.

The company calls this ‘security adoption’ and is something they already do for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

To get these third-party patches you’ll need one of their plans 0Patch Pro or Enterprise.  Pro plans start from about US$28 plus tax (€22.95 +) . There is a free (personal or non-commercial) plan which may get some more important Office 2010 patches.

Office 2010 support / security adoption is available until October 2021 and might continue if there’s enough customer interest.

Some people and organizations might consider 0Patch worth the trouble if moving from Office 2010 isn’t practical at the moment.

Microsoft recommends moving to Microsoft 365 (naturally) but, aside from the software cost, many older computers can’t really cope with modern Windows and Office software.  That makes moving from Office 2010 a major expense which many can’t afford, especially in the ‘interesting times’ of 2020.

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