Paste Icons or SVG from Office documents to other apps

Microsoft is expanding their support for SVG graphics by allowing these ‘Icons’ to be copied from Office documents into other third-party apps.

Users can take an Office Icon or SVG and easily copy it to another app to use or change beyond Office’s in-built features.

There’s no special menu item or feature, it’s part of the regular Copy / Paste operation like this.

Select an SVG graphic or Icon only, then right-click to choose Copy  (Or just Ctrl + C)

Then switch to another app with SVG support.  We’ve used Boxy, an online SVG editor which supports copy/paste.

Then you can edit the SVG, perhaps in ways not possible or clumsy in Office itself.

This option available now to Current Channel (Preview) Insiders on Windows  v2011 Build 13408.20000 and Mac Insider Fast Version 16.40 (20070100) and later.  

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