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Using Skype with Microsoft Office

Skype can be integrated into collaborating on Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents.  It’s not officially part of Microsoft Office collaboration but is easily done.

It lets you work on a document while talking to other collaborators at the same time.  Like this …

This works with any modern version of Office or really any program with collaboration ability.  Microsoft promotes similar real-time communication options with Office, but their suggestions involves buying their Office 365 enterprise services, Microsoft Teams etc.

You can get a very similar effect without the cost or extra setup.

Start, in this case, Word and open up a shared document.  Call the person or group you want to talk to.

Move the document to one side, using the shortcuts we explained in A better Side-by-Side document view for Windows and Mac .  In this case Win + <- (left arrow) or  use Split View on a Mac.

Select Skype as the window to put in the other side.

It’s as simple as that!  Read or type on the document while talking to someone at the same time.

The call doesn’t even have to be about the document!  Do some work and talk to a friend at the same time.

Easier ways to setup and test Skype

Microsoft and others listen to Skype calls … and what else?

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