Xlookup now available for all Excel 365 platforms

Xlookup is now available across all the Excel programs and apps, making it a viable alternative to Vlookup/Hlookup for Office 365 users.

The Xlookup function is the much-improved way to lookup values from a list or table.  It works really well but it’s taken some time to appear across all incarnations of Excel 365 and for all users, not just fast-track Insiders.

Source: Microsoft plus our cropping

That meant Xlookup was OK for solo use on a single computer but could be a compatibility problem if the workbook was shared to other devices or people.

Xlookup availability

Now Xlookup workbooks can be shared with any device using Excel 365:

  • Office 365 for Windows
  • Office 365 for Mac
  • Excel Online (browser based)
  • Excel for iPad/ iPhone
  • Excel for Android phone / tablets

The function is NOT available on any other version of Excel, including Excel 2019.

Check out our explanation of Xlookup including all the very useful improvements.

Go ahead and use Xlookup if you’re an Office 365 customer and anyone you’re sharing with is also on the Office 365 track.

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