Multi-Line Picture Borders in Word or PowerPoint

Word and PowerPoint have some great ways to add a border or frame around an image, graphic or logo. We covered these broadly in a Framing Pictures in Office and now we will look in detail at the Compound Type, or multi-line borders.

Compound Type is Microsoft’s name for the options of two-line borders with thin or thick inner or outer lines, plus one triple-line option.

To get to the compound borders, click on the picture and go to Picture Format | Picture Border | Weight | More Lines.

Format Text Effects

This will open up the Format Picture pane on the side of the screen at Format Text Effects | Text Outline.

Select Solid Line to reveal more options.

Choose the color and width of the border you want to add. For multi-line borders to be visible, you need to select a fairly large width, at least 3pt.

We have selected a blue 10 pt border for our example so you can clearly see the different types, but you may choose something more subtle if you wish.   Here’s the standard solid border.

Now we can choose the Compound Type to change the look of that border.

The default is a solid line, as in the picture above, but there are four more options.

Two equal lines:

Thick outer, thin inner line:

Thin outer, thick inner line:


Triple line:

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