Which version of Office for iPhone, iPad do you have?

Here’s how to find the version number of your Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook apps for iPhone or iPad.

Sometimes it’s important to know which exact app version you’re running.  Normally, the apps are updated automatically but occasionally it’s important info.  Maybe you need to check the version to ensure that a new feature is available?

None of the Office apps show the version number within the app.  The Settings option shows nothing under the “Help and Support” or “What’s New” where that vital detail would normally appear.

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Show app version numbers

All iOS version numbers (not just Office apps) are displayed at Settings | General | iPad Storage (iOS 11+).

There’s a list of all installed apps. Tap on an app to see the version as well as the amount of disk space used by the app.

Version – under the app name

App Size – the file size of the app itself.

Documents & Data – the space used by files directly associated to the app. That number doesn’t tell the whole story of space used because the Office apps have most documents associated with a cloud storage app (OneDrive, Dropbox etc) not the app itself.

Where are iOS app version numbers

All iPhone/iPad’s have a list of installed apps with version numbers but the location has changed over time.

iOS 11+ – Settings | General | (iPad/iPhone) Storage

iOS 9 – could not find!!! If you know, please let us know.

iOS 9 – Settings | General | Storage and iCloud usage | Manage Storage

iOS 8 – Settings | General | Usage | Manage Storage

iOS 7 – Settings | General | Usage

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