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Four ways to sync multiple personal OneDrive accounts

There are ways to synchronize many personal OneDrive accounts to a single computer.  They aren’t pretty but will workaround Microsoft’s limit on personal accounts.

Microsoft’s OneDrive app will synchronize as many business/education accounts as you like but only one Personal account.  That includes OneDrive accounts boosted to 1 Terabyte buying Microsoft 365 Family or Personal.

However, there are sneaky ways around that limitation.  Here’s some suggestions to choose from, depending on your expertise and setup.

Different computers

If you have several computers, sync a different personal OneDrive account on each machine.

Make the synchronized folders available to other computers using Windows network sharing.  Or a sync tool like Resilio Sync (our favorite for some years) which keeps folders up-to-date on multiple devices across a network or Internet.

Virtual machines

A variation on the multiple computer trick is using virtual machines.  A virtual machine (VM) (probably Windows) can login and synchronize a second personal OneDrive account.  The VM can run on Hyper/V (supplied with most Windows 8/10) or VMware.

The synced folder on the virtual machine can be shared with the host computer.  That makes the second OneDrive’s files and folders visible for regular use.

Of course, the virtual machines must be running to sync the latest files.  That can be done as needed or run continuously in the background.

The VM can run either Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1  if you have a spare old Windows licence available.  Windows 7 is a good choice because it can run efficiently with a relatively small memory (e.g. 1GB).   Linux isn’t officially supported with a OneDrive app but there are third-party options.

Third-party products

Some third-party synchronization products like GoodSync can link to many different cloud services using a different login for each.

Use part of your business OneDrive for personal use

Reserve part of your business OneDrive space for personal use. 

Obviously, get the organizations permission for this.  Make sure your personal files aren’t taking up too much of the business OneDrive quota.

Your personal folders on the business OneDrive account can be synced with your computer.  Because it’s a paid account, it leaves the Personal account option available on the OneDrive app.

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