Immersive Reader coming to Outlook for Windows

Immersive Reader, already in Word, is coming to Outlook 365 for Windows. It’ll help people who have trouble reading on the screen or more generally.

It’s part of Microsoft’s Accessibility drive to make Office documents available to as many people as possible.

With Immersive Reader, an Outlook email is reformatted to a narrower column, background color options and more space between lines.

To use Immersive Reader, choose it from the View tab. The Reading Pane transforms the look of the email or other notes. For emails it’ll look very different from what the sender intended.

The Immersive Reader tab has the options available: Column Width, Page Color, Line Focus, Text Spacing, Syllables plus a Read Aloud option.

For details on the Reader options see Immersive Reader in Word for Windows, Mac and iPad

Who gets it?

Immersive Reader is currently available in the Preview/Insiders Outlook 365 for Windows v2107 build 14210.20004 and later.

It’s already available in Word 365 for Windows, Mac and iPad.

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