Coming attractions in Teams, Whiteboard and Fluid components

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Microsoft has announced their plans for later this year with additions to Teams, Whiteboard and an expansion of their Fluid components concept.

None of these things are available now.  It’s all future promises, nothing substantial customers can use today.

Let’s strip away all the hype about ‘hybrid’ workplaces that are ‘work focused’ (what other focus should there be?),’reimagined’ organizations and meeting ‘experiences’ with ‘super-rich canvases’ to see what’s coming in Teams with Whiteboard, OneNote and Office. 

Microsoft is using the words ‘ideate’ and ‘ideating’ (e.g. “ideating and brainstorming together”) which sounds like horrible 21st Century corporate-speak but dates back to 1610.

Fluid components

Fluid components are commonly used elements that can be dropped into Teams chat, Whiteboard, OneNote and Outlook.  In Chat, they’ll appear under a Live Components button.

Source: Microsoft

Each component can be edited by anyone in the chat.  Microsoft’s example is a table, added to a Teams chat for all involved to contribute.


The live components can be moved to other online venues such as a Whiteboard in a virtual meeting.

In a Teams meeting, the agenda, notes and tasks can be live and saved as a OneNote.

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has a little video which gives a better idea of the promise of Fluid components.

Whiteboard moves beyond drawing

Whiteboard is changing from a mere virtual version of its namesake to become a screen to display many elements that can contribute to a meeting.  Microsoft calls it a ‘digital canvas’.

As you can see, there will be tables, task lists, notes, stickers and even an Excel dashboard (it seems)

Digital Ink is getting some of the features that are already in Office 365 like automatic shapes and improved drawing with a mouse.

PowerPoint Live

PowerPoint Live is the name for showing a presentation within a Teams virtual meeting.

It’s being enhanced with Slide Translate so each viewer can see the same slides translated into their own language.

A virtual Laser Pointer and Digital ink is being added to let the presenter make their slides more interesting as they talk.

Source: Microsoft

Teams meetings in a room

Coming later this year are features for meeting rooms to display a virtual meeting on large screens.  New screen layouts will be available including multi-screen options.

Source: Microsoft

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