New Features in PowerPoint 2021

In addition to the general Office 2021/LTSC features there are some useful additions to PowerPoint 2021/LTSC including recording presenter videos and changing the reading order for accessibility.

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Here’s what’s new/changed in PowerPoint 2021 in addition to the overall updates that apply to all the Office 2021/LTSC apps, see New and better features in Office 2021 and Office LTSC

Stock Videos

We’ve already mentioned that all Office 2021/LTSC apps have access to Microsoft’s cloud store of stock images, icons, illustrations, stickers and Cutout People.

PowerPoint 2021/LTSC gets all those plus stock videos.

Record Slide Show

Recording a slide show now includes recording of presenter videos, as well as recordings of ink and laser pointers.

Of course, you’ll need a sound card, microphone, speakers, and optional webcam to record PowerPoint presentations, complete with narrations, slide timings, and ink gestures. After the recording is done, you or your audience may play it in Slide Show – or save the presentation as a video clip.

Source: Microsoft

Play back your ink strokes

Ink strokes can be replayed as they were drawn, which is helpful when illustrating step-by-step processes. In addition, you have the option to pause and select the point where the replay begins. You can rewind and watch your ink strokes as they occurred on the Ribbon when you use your stylus to draw ink on a page. This option becomes available when you click the Draw tab.

Much better Ink replay animation coming to PowerPoint

Reading order for screen readers

Many people with visual impairments read the slides using a screen reader. Screen-reader users are likely to understand slides if the objects are arranged logically.

Source: Microsoft

See all about Office 2021 for Windows & Mac plus The good and bad in Office LTSC

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