New Features in Outlook 2021

In addition to the general Office 2021/LTSC features there are some useful additions to Outlook 2021/LTSC including a better search box, translation of emails.

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Here’s what’s new/changed in Outlook 2021 in addition to the overall updates that apply to all the Office 2021/LTSC apps, see New and better features in Office 2021 and Office LTSC

The Outlook Search box is similar to the Search box in Word, Excel and PowerPoint but with more options to suit finding email, calendar and contacts.

Limit the search to the current folder and certain sub-folders.

Click on the pull-down icon (right) to see a lot more search refinements.

The search box also includes the ‘Tell Me’ help that was also in Outlook 2019.

Translator in Outlook 2021/LTSC

View the transcript of an email message and translate its body into more than 70 languages within Outlook. You will immediately see the translation next to the reading pane in your mailbox.

Source: Microsoft

Ink your emails

There’s a Draw tab in the Message Editor to add ‘ink’ to emails.  Insert a Drawing Canvas then use the standard drawing tools.

According to Microsoft, Outlook 2021/LTSC new features include “Annotate email images or draw in a separate canvas using your finger, pen, or mouse.” however it’s not clear how that’s different from draw in Outlook 2019.

Draw or scribble on your Outlook emails

See all about Office 2021 for Windows & Mac plus The good and bad in Office LTSC

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