OneDrive for Windows goes 64-bit – at last!

At long last, a more efficient 64-bit version of OneDrive for Windows is available.

OneDrive for Windows is the software that synchronizes your local computer with the cloud storage.  There are also nifty features to save a lot of disk space (‘Free up Space) or ensure that a file is always kept saved on the computer (‘Always keep on this device’).

Windows 10 for Microsoft Office users has a whole chapter devoted to OneDrive in Windows.

This might not seem important for many, but it’s overdue news for heavy users of OneDrive who have been waiting a long time for this.

64-bit is a better choice for anyone using OneDrive for Windows heavily, meaning large files or many files. Though the 64-bit app has the same file item limit as 32-bit, at least for the moment.


To get OneDrive for Windows 64-bit you’ll need:

Windows 10 64-bit running on an Intel (X64) CPU. Most modern Windows 10 computers will be compatible.

To check, go to Settings | System | About and look for:
System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

NOTE: ARM64 devices are NOT supported, stick with the 32-bit app.

Install 64-bit OneDrive for Windows from this link.

Run the installer. It will replace 32-bit OneDrive, no need to close it before changeover.

Have you installed 64-bit OneDrive?

The install is nicely seamless, replacing the existing 32-bit app and restarting operation.  Unfortunately, it’s a bit too smooth, leaving the customer wondering if the update happened at all!

Originally there was no direct indication that OneDrive 64-bit version was installed. Happily that’s been fixed. Go to Settings | About and look for ’64-bit’ on the Version line.

Microsoft’s documentation still talks about 64-bit OneDrive being in ‘Preview’ however that tag has been removed from the version details.

We’ve been using OneDrive 64-bit for a few months with no trouble.

OneDrive for Mac

OneDrive for Mac is already 64-bit because all apps on a modern Mac must be 64-bit. 

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