OneDrive file limit now a massive 250GB

OneDrive’s single file size limit is now 250GB up from a ‘mere’ 100GB.

That’s a welcome increase for video editing and other volume users who have to deal with really big files. 

Word, Excel or PowerPoint users don’t need to worry about their files getting that large <g>.

It is great for backups.  Some backup files can get very large, though there’s usually a way to split a backup into segments of a nominated size.  These options were originally made so backups could fit on CD or DVD disks but now work for any size.

Everyday Backups – protecting your documents, photos and personal info is our ebook all about keeping your data safe.  It includes details on backups to cloud storage or making safety copies of what’s in the cloud.

No action is necessary, the switch to 250GB maximum files is all done automatically.

Watch your OneDrive quota.  It only takes four 250GB files to fill a 1 Terabyte capacity allowed for a Microsoft 365 customer.

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