Save $60 on Microsoft 365, if you know the trick

NewEgg has a promising 15-month deal for Microsoft 365 Family charging $69.99 instead of over a hundred dollars. It’s a good deal and, we’ll show you the trick to save another $10 on their headline price.

Office Watcher, Richard H, sent us a tip about a good Microsoft Office deal.  We love when readers do that … thanks!

It looks good, $69.99 for 15-months of Microsoft 365 Family which would retail for about $124 (the 15-month equivalent to the $99 annual price).  

$59.98 is even better, about half-price and that’s also possible as we’ll explain below.

Here’s the link (no affiliate commission)

The seeming trap is in the wording below (not exactly ‘fine print’) 
“ This item can only be purchased with a combo “

NewEgg are famous, it not infamous, for their ‘combo’ deals.  Cheap prices but only when purchased with other, selected, products.

In this case there are only two choices for the combo deal. Scroll down the page then click the ‘Combos’ tab. Norton 360 Standard or H R Block are currently available. Norton 360 Standard combo is $59.98, $10 cheaper than the price at the top of the page.

We selected the Norton 360 option and the price was confirmed in the Cart and Payment pages.

Delivery is all online, no shipping charges.

Buy both, use one

Long time Office Watchers will know our trick for Microsoft 365 Combos – buy the combo deal then just use Microsoft 365 to extend or start a plan. Ignore the other product completely and don’t install it.

The two products are separate and are installed (or not) independently.

The Microsoft 365 Family 15-month code can be used to extend an existing Family plan under ‘Redeem a card or code’.

Six simple steps for saving on renewals or first purchase of Microsoft 365

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