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WhatsApp desktop now has voice and video calls

WhatsApp desktop extensions (Windows and Mac) can now make and receive voice or video calls.

Until now the desktop apps where limited to texting and sending attachments.

If you use WhatsApp (or Signal), the desktop extensions are really great.  Instead of pecking away on a tiny screen, you can type messages on a real keyboard.  Attachments (documents, photos etc) up to 100MB can come or go from your main Windows or Mac computer.

Incoming calls

Incoming calls will ‘ring’ on both the phone and the desktop.  Answer on whichever suits you.

On the desktop, the incoming call appears much like on a phone with Accept or Decline options.

Answer the call and a small dialog appears.

Three dots menu lets you choose from the available microphone or camera options.

Click the camera or microphone icons to toggle each on/off. End the call by clicking the red handset button.

Screen sharing isn’t supported directly but if you have virtual camera services you can select that service for many options.

WhatsApp for Windows desktop

Make outgoing calls in WhatsApp for Windows from the camera and phone icons for each contact to make video or audio calls.

WhatsApp for Mac desktop

It’s the same in WhatsApp for Mac except the icons are still labelled as ‘beta’.

Microphone and camera settings

Check your microphone and camera settings in Windows or Mac before calling and make sure the defaults are what you need.  There’s no way to change the settings within WhatsApp desktop before a call.

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