Who and how to get the new look Office for Windows

The gradual rollout of the new look Office for Windows (Microsoft 365 and Office 2021) continues. More users, but not all, can now try the revamped Office interface.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from Office Watchers about the new look.  Some approve, others definitely don’t.  Some users are eager to try the new look but others want to put off the change as long as possible.

For the moment, the new interface is a choice, we’ll explain how to opt-in.  Eventually the current interface will be dropped and everyone will have to use the new look.

Who can get the new look Office?

Here’s who can get the new look Office 2021 or Microsoft 365 for Windows, at the time of writing.

Windows 11 – all users can get it.  Update your Office software and restart the apps.

Windows 10 – some, but not all, Public (Current Channel) users can see the new look. It’s a gradual rollout and there’s no way to force it.  You will need Office version 2110, build 14527.20226 or later.

Windows 8/8.1 – Microsoft is silent about the new look even though Office 365 is supported on Windows 8/8.1. Likely the new look won’t appear on Windows 8/8.1 systems.

See File | Account to check the build/version.

Update Office software on the same pane at Update Options | Update Now.

Look for the megaphone

If a megaphone icon appears on the title bar, you can try the new look. Click the megaphone, then switch on the “Try the new experience” option.

The Coming Soon pane has some largely useless ‘help’ see Microsoft’s waffle about the Office ‘new look’.

What about Mica?

The Mica window effect is separate from the Office 365/2021 ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar changes.

Mica is only available for Windows 11

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