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About Excel Live worksheets in Microsoft Teams

Excel Live is a new way to fully cooperate on a worksheet while in a Teams meeting.

It’s always been possible to show an Excel worksheet in a group video meeting by one person sharing their screen which has Excel open.

Excel Live lets you open a worksheet in a separate window that can be accessed by anyone on the video conference.

Source: Microsoft

Excel doesn’t have to be available to all the participants because Excel Live uses the browser based version of Excel.

Start Excel Live from within a group call.  Go to Share then the Excel Live section which lists recently opened workbooks.  Then confirm you want to share the workbook with all call participants.

Source: Microsoft plus our cropping.

Excel Sheet View is available to show a filtered version of a table.  Naturally you can Show Changes that are made during the call.

PowerPoint Live is already available to show a presentation within a Teams call.

Who gets it?

Excel Live is rolling out as a preview in late August.  Admins and then individual users have to enable preview features to see it at first.

Here’s the brief but refreshingly informative Excel Live video

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