How to update Teams software for Windows, Mac and beyond

Teams software isn’t updated like other Microsoft Office software, here’s how to make sure your Teams is the latest version on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into Teams with seemingly never-ending changes and updates.  That’s mostly good for users and also a sign that Microsoft hasn’t yet defeated their rivals at Slack and Zoom.

Unfortunately, neither the Windows or Mac Teams apps uses the existing Microsoft software updating systems.  No, we don’t understand why either! 

In theory, Teams software should update automatically but it’s hard to be sure when or if that’s happened.  The best choice is to force a Teams app update like this.


Microsoft’s own programs for Windows can update via Windows Update, Office update or the Microsoft Store updating system.  The Teams app uses none of those and goes its own way <sigh>.

At top-right there’s a ‘three dots’ menu button, click that then choose Check for updates.

That will force Teams to get any updates available.

To check your version go to three dots | About | Version. Version and update date appear on a info bar near the top of the Teams app.


It’s much the same story for Teams on Mac computers which seems to be using common code with the Windows app.

Go to the ‘three dots’ then Check for updates.

The same options for checking the version and update date as in the Teams for Windows app, see above.

iOS – iPhone and iPad

For iPhone and iPad there’s only one way to update apps, via the App Store | Updates.  Updates should happen regularly in the background when connected to Wi-Fi, but you can always open the App Store to see what’s available then choose what to update or update all.


Almost all apps are installed and updated via the Google Play system.

Open Google Play and find the app updates page. It’s location depends on which device and OS version you have.  We found it at Manage Apps and Device | Manage. Choose “Updates Available” to see if anything is waiting to be updated.

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