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Dictation controls in Word 365 move and get smaller

The Dictation controls in Word 365 for Windows are moving to another place and getting a lot smaller.

The new Dictation toolbar appears on top-right of the document, often just below the Dictate button.  That’s the same location as the Read Aloud toolbar.

Dictate – when dictation is ‘listening’ the button is a solid blue as shown above.  Click it to start/stop dictation.

Settings – also has a new look with a welcome addition, though the options are unchanged.

Spoken language – choose from the many fully supported or preview languages.

Microphone – select a microphone

Volume VU meter – at last a little indicator so you can see if your voice is being heard by the chosen microphone.

Enable auto-punctuation – Word will add sentences, commas etc with mixed success.

Filter sensitive phrases – the profanity check which converts expletives into ****

According to Microsoft this is  “redesigned for efficiency, cleaner look” that doesn’t get in the way of content.  Some might have thought the old large center controls were too intrusive.

Our new book Dictation and Read Aloud in Office covers the speak or read features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook across all devices (Windows. Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android).

Who gets it?

Firstly in Word 365 for Windows, Insiders Beta from v2206 build 15321.20000.  Eventually in public releases.

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