Fast account switching now in Office on the web

Office apps in a browser have caught up with an important feature in Office 365 for Windows – quick account switching is now available.

Almost three years ago, Microsoft added quick account switching to Office 365 for Windows.

You can save logins to several Microsoft 365 accounts; work, school, home etc and switch between them in a few moments.  Heaps better than sign-out the sign-in with password each time.

Now, finally the same feature is in Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a browser.  Visio on the web for Business customers.

Fast Account Switching

Go to and look at the top right menu button. It’ll have your initials or a thumbnail image. Click on that to see some account details and now, other logins available.

Sign out and Forget – look for the three dots next to each login. That lets you remove the account from the list.

Sign in with a different account – choose that to add an account to the list. web page changes coming soon

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