Making QR codes step by step for Office

Making QR codes is quite simple, all you need is a simple online code maker and by following our step by step guide you’ll have it set-up in no time.  We’ll show how to make QR codes for web links and even easily sharing Wifi settings.

Nowadays, QR Codes are widely used thanks to COVID, just use your smartphone to scan it and it’ll bring up more info – usually via a web link. As we’ve previously explained, you can even make QR codes for Word and Office.

This article takes you step-by-step through making a QR code including the important size and error correction options that are often overlooked.

Setting up a QR Code – Website

1. The first step is to open an online generator, we’ve used the one from ZXing Project as it’s simple but has size and error correction options that some others skip over.

2. Next to Contents, use the drop-down arrow to setup your QR code, for this example we’ll use the URL / web link.  See below about the other options available.

3. Next, input your web address in the URL box.

4. Select your Barcode Size – when in doubt, it’s better off to choose Large.

Just like any other image, its easy to make a large image smaller without losing quality but a small image made bigger can look fuzzy.

5. Select your Error Correction – L is OK but M or Q are more reliable. H high for situations where the image might degrade or seen from a distance, like an outdoor sign.

6. Choose the Character Encoding – for most circumstances, almost all, you’re OK with choosing UTF-8.

7. Select Generate

8. Download the QR Code Image – you can click the download button located right below the QR code, or just simply right-click the image in the browser and copy image or save image as.

Now you can paste it into your Office program, like Word or PowerPoint, the QR code can be treated just like any normal image.

Now test out your QR code using your smartphone, it should bring up the website on the screen once you hover over the code with your camera.

QR Codes – other contents

QR codes can share phone numbers, email addresses and even full contact details, ZXing Project has options for those and more.  It’s basically the same process, just fill in the details and click the Generate button.

Instead of inputting a URL link, you’ll specify an email address, phone number etc.. Now when the camera hovers of the QR code, it’ll prompt the user to send an email or call a number.  

Wifi Settings via QR Code

But what about a Wi-Fi network? A QR code can contain all the details needed to setup a wifi connection.  It’s handy for sharing connection details with someone arriving in your home, office, café etc. iPhone, iPad and most Android devices can read a QR code with Wifi settings and add it to your device.

Get the details regarding your network, the SSID (wifi name), Password and Network Type.

Once you scan the QR code, it’ll advise you to ‘Tap here to connect to the Testwifi network’ – that should connect right away. Certainly, an easy thing to have set up for your guests to quickly connect to your network with less hassle.

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