Choose meeting reminders style in Outlook for Mac

Choose from two ways to display event notifications or reminders in Outlook for Mac. Either familiar Outlook display or integrated with macOS Notifications.

There’s a catch which Microsoft buries in their fine print. You have to use the ‘New Outlook 365 for Mac’ which is still very much a crippled ‘work in progress’ and the progress has been very slow indeed.

There are two ways to see Outlook reminders, the Outlook way or the Mac way.  Now you can choose which type you want to see.

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Outlook’s in-built reminders will be familiar to any Outlook for Mac user with choices to Snooze or Dismiss.

Mac reminders show up like this in the Notification Center (click on the date/time at top right).  Snooze and Dismiss options are there, but don’t appear until the mouse is hovered over the notification.

Switch to macOS Notification from Outlook

To move over to macOS Notifications for events etc from Outlook, first make sure you’re using ‘New Outlook’, assuming your mailboxes are compatible (only Microsoft hosted at this point).

Then do some setup in the macOS Settings | Notifications | scroll down to Microsoft Outlook.  Turn on ‘Allow Notifications’.

There are three choice for the ‘banners’ that appear:

  • Banners – pop-up in the top right corner for a moment then disappear.
  • Alerts – look similar but stay on-screen until clicked away.
  • None

Now go to Preferences | Notifications and Sounds in New Outlook for Mac.  For Event Reminder Style switch to ‘macOS Notification Center’.

You might get some one-time confirmations from macOS like this.

Switch back and forth

Once the macOS Notification settings are enabled with Outlook for Mac, you can switch between the two reminder styles in the Preferences.

Who gets it?

The feature is available in the public (Current Channel) release of New Outlook 365 for Mac running v16.65 build  22091101 or later.

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