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OneNote can now sort pages!

At long last, OneNote can sort the pages (tabs) either alphabetically or by date.

Previously in OneNote, if you wanted to sort out your pages, had to do it manually by dragging and dropping the tabs.

Microsoft has now added an automatic Sort Pages option.  Right-click on a page tab to see the sort options.

There are four different types of sorting: Alphabetical, By Date Created, By Date Modified and None.

Sorting Categories

To be able to Sort Pages, you’ll need to click on the sort pages icon located on the top right-hand corner of the Pages Panel.

Once selected, it will give you the option to select between the four sorting categories.


Basically leaves your pages in the default sort order that you’ve had them:


There are two options, Alphabetical (arrow down) which will sort pages from A-Z, or Alphabetical (arrow up) which will sort pages from Z-A.

Date Created

There are two options, Date Created (arrow down) which will sort pages from Oldest Date to Newest Date, or Date Created (arrow up) which will sort pages from Newest Date to Oldest Date.

Date Modified

There are two options, Date Modified (arrow down) which will sort pages from

Oldest Modified Date to Newest Modified Date made,

or Date Modified (arrow up) which will sort pages from Newest Modified Date to Oldest Modified Date.

Manually sort

Of course, you can still manually drag and drop your pages to your preferred positions within the page list. Just a reminder that this can only be done in the ‘None’ sorting mode, you won’t be able to do this if you’ve already sorted things via Alphabetical or Date.

Just simply select your page until you see the crosshair, then drag and move the page to the position on the list.

Who gets it?

This is something that users have been asking as an added feature for a while now, and Microsoft has finally delivered.

Sort pages in OneNote Desktop is available for some Insiders on the Beta Channel v2201 build 14827.20186 and later. It’ll gradually rollout to other Insiders and eventually the public.

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