Quick Teams links added to Outlook 365

Outlook 365 for Windows is getting more Teams features that link received emails with Teams, start chats or schedule a meeting.

Above the email, beside the Reply, Reply All and Forward buttons is now a Teams pull-down menu. Only in Microsoft 365 hosted mailboxes, including Outlook.com

Share to Teams

This opens a new Teams message with the email copied into it. Attachments are optionally included too.

Share to – add a person, group or channel

Add more to the message above the email copied in.

Note: you must be logged into Teams using the same account as the Outlook mailbox. There’s an error message if Teams isn’t using the matching account. The user icon top right indicates which account you’re using but it can’t be changed (something for Microsoft’s own To Do list).


Teams chat may be available either with an email sender alone or everyone.

Schedule Meeting

This isn’t part of Teams.  It opens a standard meeting proposal email.

Microsoft hosted mailboxes only

This only works for Microsoft 365 hosted mailboxes, including Outlook.com

The new button is showing up in Insiders builds and will eventually turn up in public Outlook 365 for Windows.

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