Scale text, larger or smaller, in Microsoft Word 

Scaling Text in Word is another Microsoft Word text effect to make the text larger or smaller.  Specifically, the Scale option stretches or contracts the horizontal width of the characters and spaces between. 

Here’s an example of normal, 150% and 66% scaling. 

To change the scaling of text in Word, select the text you want to change and either: 

  • Right-click and select Font. 
  • Go to Home | Font and click the Font dialog launcher. 

On the Advanced tab, go to the Scale dropdown and select a value. 100% is the standard scale for the text. Values higher than 100% will stretch the text out horizontally, while lower values will contract it.  

Subtle Scaling

Microsoft’s suggested scalings are quite extreme, especially for enlarging: 150% and 200%. 

Scaling is better applied in small doses like 110% or 120%.  The higher scalings look distorted and smaller scalings are unreadable! 

Type in your own Scale

You can also type a number in if you want something in between the values that are available.  

The preview at the bottom of the dialog will show you how your text will look.  

Click OK, and the scaling of your selected text will change. 

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