Set Picture as Background in OneNote

Set Picture as Background in OneNote is a handy feature for those looking to fill in forms or wish to draw and highlight on top of images pasted into their OneNote page.

Generally, the page can shift, and your notes can become a complete mess when inserting images, so it’s definitely a useful feature that will be a welcome addition to OneNote for the web.

At the moment, we have this feature available on OneNote for Windows Desktop, as shown below.

How to set image as background

First, insert your image into your OneNote Page, whether that’s by a simple copy and paste from your clipboard, or going to Insert | Images | Pictures.

Once it’s inputted, all you have to do is right-click on the image then select ‘Set Picture as Background’.

Now you can draw, type or highlight whatever over your new background.

If you want to remove the image from being in the background, simply do the same process, by clicking Set Picture as Background again (this time with a tick) it’ll remove it.

Who gets it?

Why is Set Picture as Background in OneNote Windows Desktop, but not on the Web version.

Luckily this top request is expected to be rolled out soon.

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